I’m back in the United States.  I have been back for the last 12 days.  Unfortunately, I don’t think my life is very interesting when I am not traveling.  I will turning 35 this year.  I returned to college, currently I’m at my local community college.  I will be transferring in a year and half. Urgh!

What have I been doing so far?  I started school last week.  So I’m been trying to get adjusted to the semester. I started Jiu Jitsu again and I’ve been trying to get over my jetlag.

I wrote my resolutions down. I’ve been meaning to post them.  That takes way too long. Sometimes post will come without pictures. They are just posts to get started again.

My friends will visit me this week. I will do a post about that.

Author: Mark

I grew up in Hayward, Ca. I am avid traveler, artist, writer/blogger, reader, grappler and language enthusiast.

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