Birthday blog post 

31 years old. 

It’s not a big deal.  I’ve been old enough to know that it’s just day that signifies another year closer to death. That’s very morbid and pessimistic you say. That doesn’t make it any less true.  

One constant that I enjoy having on my birthday is that I don’t work.  There was once a time when I worked at Disneyland and I choose to work on my birthday. I thought yeah this is awesome. Work at the happiest place on earth on my birthday. Wrong. It was the fact that I was forced to be there and I couldn’t do what I wanted at a moments notice. I also carried a terrible attitude that day which may have rubbed off on the guests. I may have ruined someone else’s birthday at Disneyland because of my toxic attitude and choosing to work on my birthday. Hence why I don’t work on my birthday. 

That moment stays with me whenever I think about working on my birthday. It’s best to do whatever you want and be with the people who genuinely care about you. It makes you feel better. If you have to work share a story like that with your boss and maybe they will give you a half day. 

I also stopped having Facebook tell people its my birthday. No more fifty or so acquaintances writing happy birthday on my wall. When they would not say hello to me otherwise. I enjoy how it was ten years when I didn’t have Facebook in fact when more than half the world didn’t have facebook. When only your close friends and family knew about your birthday. That’s all the people who really matter. 

A drawback for having my birthday in February is that its two days shy of Valentine’s Day. I don’t take this day personal. Yes, I don’t have a significant other to spend it with. Yes, it’s a day that highlights your loneliness. But it’s  a day that will pass like any other day. Some people mope around being depressed but that doesn’t help anybody especially when they share on social media. So spend it wisely and work on yourself. 

I went to Sam Francisco with my mother. I read some books, painted and laughed at some Calvin and Hobbes comics. 

Car Troubles

Weekly blog.


My check engine light came on. I texted a few people that I knew more about cars than me.  I’m very thankful that my friend answered back fairly quickly.  I spent most of Saturday working on my truck.  My friend looked at my truck and heard that it was not firing on all cylinders.  We drive to auto zone and I buy new spark plugs. He taught me how to change my spark plugs.  That didn’t fix the problem. Next we went to change the ignition wires.  We go to the near by junk yard, which was an interesting experience, to look for my ignition wire. Seeing a graveyard of disheveled cars without tires and engines created an interesting image against the desert background.  After an hour we did not find the part I was looking for.  We go back to auto zone and they had my ignition wires in stock. We changed my wires and that still didn’t fix my problem.  I needed to continue  doing errands on my Saturday so I put it on pause until today, Sunday.

Sunday. We tried about everything simple that we could do with my truck.  I’m calling in the towel and I will take it to a shop tomorrow. When you lose your vehicle to malfunction, it is very stressful.  I’m thinking about getting another vehicle if this proves more expensive than perceived.

My take aways from this weekend.  I am thankful that I have a few friends that have knowledge on car repair.  I’m very thankful those friends are willing to help me.  I wish I could pay it back to them.

That is all for the week.