The importance of a journal.

I’ve been keeping a journal,sketchbook, diary since I was 16.  There’s a stigma in American Society that classifies having a journal or diary is queer or feminine.  I used to be self conscious about it. Now I don’t care anymore because I’m a better person for having kept one.

Imagine if you are a scientist and you conduct experiments.  You would have to write down your hypothesis, controls and conclusions for each experiments.  If you didn’t you would have the probability of repeating the same mistakes over and over without knowing how to fix them.  My analogy is that your are a scientist and your experiment is your life.  Yes, you will make mistakes but if you document them and review what went wrong you are likely to succeed next time.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Recently I’ve been playing the game of Chess. It’s a fun game of strategy, tactics and decision making.  There is a plateau with skill level. Top level players have knowledge of notation in the game. The study the intricacies of the game by notation.  They progress through note taking. Much like a scientist and his experiments.  There’s a reason for strategizing your different plans. Strategize your life not one move at a time but several moves ahead.

Law 29- Plan all the way to the end.

I have been training Brazilian Jiu jitsu for several years.  What helped me throughout out the years was note taking the small essential details of a specific submission or sweep.  I’m also a visual learner so I would sketch out a position with instructions to help me retain it to memory.  Move sets and algorithms are a new idea in the jiu jitsu community.  I will continue to play around with that idea. Here is what I’ve come up so far.

jiu jitsu map
App. Mind Maple

I went to art school in Oakland, Ca.  One of my professors, Barron Storey, a famous illustrator for his incredible journals and monumental personality.  His journals inspired me and showed me that your sketchbook doesn’t have to be just drawings.  It can be writings, drawings, paintings or combinations of all. Your sketchbook/ Journal is an expression of your thoughts, emotions, concerns, work, relationships, and anything else that you wish to document. Your journal is a medium that has limitless potential. Make it your own.

Many times in my life my journal has been a private place where I jot my thoughts on paper. A meditative place  I used when dealing with a break up, stress from work, or anxiety from life.  I believed it helped me overcome some of my life’s major obstacles. That’s why I have been doing it for so long.

The journal is private place where you can be yourself without judgement of the outside world. You are your own experiment in your hypothesis for life.  Use it for strategy to plan your next chess move against your hypothetical life  opponent. You can write inspirational quotes that inspire you.  If you wish to understand complex ideas I found it best for me to draw it out and visualize the problem. Keeping a journal for over ten years was the constant  anchor that kept me stable. If you going through some rough patches in life, try writing it down. It has definitely helped me.



Change Careers?

I’m thirty years old at this point in my life. I’ve been at my current job for six years. I plan on making a career change in the next year.  Its a big change in my life or for anybody’s life.  How does one prepare for such a change?  What does it mean to change careers? Why does one do this?

For the most part it is not what I expected it to be and have grown increasingly unhappy over the years.  I currently work in the medical field.  All you need to see is one person on their death bed  to realize that life is short.  I saw many people on their take in their final gasps.  Its daunting and sobering to one’s morale.  I worked in an Intensive Care Unit and a Multi Service Unit.  I think about those patients put in comfort care or the ventilated ones whose bodies are alive but minds are gone almost everyday.  I think about because it gives me drive to live my life to the best of my ability.  I have coworkers, even family members, whose seen equal amount of hospital deaths that do not share my outlook.  I don’t care to convince anyone of the obvious anymore.  Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth.

Our lives on this earth are finite.  I don’t want to spend it watching people die, prolonging the inevitable.  A very dark but true statement of the practice of medicine.  So what will I do?  It’s a very hard thing to change careers and do the opposite of your trade.  My mother is a nurse, my aunt is a nurse, and my two sisters are nurses.  Medicine is in my family.  The nursing field is also being dominated by filipinos.  My sisters and I have been bred from a very young age that the nursing field is a stable and honorable profession.  Like most nurtured first generation immigrant americans we obeyed our parents.

As I ponder my last year in this current career.  I will miss the good times and the friends I’ve met along the way.  Alas it is time for a new chapter which will start a new adventure.

Day 1

I started my website today.  My own dot com. Why did I do this?  I want to be a writer.  I can be whoever I want to be.  Do I want to say I’m a writer?  Or do I want to be a writer.  To me being a writer doesn’t mean getting published.  It doesn’t even mean that my words are being read.  It means I’m writing words that express myself.

My goal is 3,000 words a day.  If I wish to become a writer I have to write everyday.  I could wait until I become a better writer to make this website. But I will never be good enough to start this website.  I think people wait until the perfect moment, myself included.  For example, that perfect girl or that perfect house. This world is flawed in many ways.  To get what I want out of life I have to just go for it. Thus this blog/website.

What would you do if you quit your job? This question was proposed earlier today on my Facebook feed. If money was not an issue.  I would travel, write, learn jiu jitsu, meet people and get into adventures.

Life is an experiment.  I’ll keep going until I come up with something.

208 words.