Results of taking a break from Facebook

I took a break from Facebook.

I started April 5th, 2016 when I was in the backyard of 29 Palms and my perspective on life was clearer because I didn’t have all that noise distracting me on my goals. So I decided to make an experiment and take a 30 day break from Facebook. There were times when I felt better about myself for not relying on the infinite news feed for comfort, as other do. I thought about leveling up my Spanish and how to get better. I started doing water color paintings. I’m searching for truth in myself and my art. It’s over now and I logged on. with 4 friend requests and 43 notifications. I didn’t miss anything.

I took the app off my phone and I am logged off on my computer.  By taking the application off your phone it disconnects you from always being occupied with advertisements and outside noise.  My friend, Kim, said it was fantasy world.  A place where people share good news, travel photos, dress up pictures and good memories. Occasionally people share rants and complain about life, but all your 413 friends really don’t want to hear about that, maybe your close friends and family. I’m guilty of all those things. I post travel photos, good memories and have done a rant or two. When it comes down to it. What else could I be doing with my Fucking time!?

I’ve been teaching myself Spanish for the the past year and a half. I used a computer program called Fluenz.  I finished the program last year before my second trip to Spain. I learned enough to get by and have small conversations. The process it was very slow and frustrating but very inspired to realize my progress in a foreign language.  In January I realized I haven’t progressed at all since Spain.  I have to increase my level of proficiency in the language. I’m currently reviewing the program, which is starting from the beginning to the end again.  It helps but its not increasing my proficiency in a way that satisfies me.  I got a tutor but he was too far away and too expensive for my budget.  I’m researching on other tutors on Italki, a website to connect language learners. I will post my research.  With teaching myself Spanish I feel like a scientist.  I have to try something and if it doesn’t work I’ll have to try something else or adjust my original plan.

As I’m getting out of the military in 8 months.  I have to solidify my plan as to what I will do when my life is not confined to routine. As of now. I plan on living in Barcelona, Spain for two years. There is an art school there and I plan on getting a student visa to live there longer than the 90 days allowed for US citizens. After the two years I plan to finish my illustration degree at SVA. With the GI bill I can live in NYC without too much worry of housing and costs of living in the expensive New York City. If I have any money left in the GI Bill. I’ll use it to get my Masters in a foreign country.

That’s it for now.

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I grew up in Hayward, Ca. I am avid traveler, artist, writer/blogger, reader, grappler and language enthusiast.

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