Day 1

I started my website today.  My own dot com. Why did I do this?  I want to be a writer.  I can be whoever I want to be.  Do I want to say I’m a writer?  Or do I want to be a writer.  To me being a writer doesn’t mean getting published.  It doesn’t even mean that my words are being read.  It means I’m writing words that express myself.

My goal is 3,000 words a day.  If I wish to become a writer I have to write everyday.  I could wait until I become a better writer to make this website. But I will never be good enough to start this website.  I think people wait until the perfect moment, myself included.  For example, that perfect girl or that perfect house. This world is flawed in many ways.  To get what I want out of life I have to just go for it. Thus this blog/website.

What would you do if you quit your job? This question was proposed earlier today on my Facebook feed. If money was not an issue.  I would travel, write, learn jiu jitsu, meet people and get into adventures.

Life is an experiment.  I’ll keep going until I come up with something.

208 words.

Author: Mark

I grew up in Hayward, Ca. I am avid traveler, artist, writer/blogger, reader, grappler and language enthusiast.

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