It’s over and home.


First. I apologize to who ever reads this.  After Porto I just go so busy.  My family came to visit and I spent time with them. Then after a week of drinking I fell off.  I didn’t go back to writing this blog.  I was still writing in my journal and on my iPod. I will have to blog my thoughts as a back log now.

I’ve been back a week now.  I’ve been trying to internalize all that I experienced and seen.  It’s a weird feeling being back.  I’ve never been deployed but I’ve been in the military.  Coming back after 6 months of travel is weirder than leaving the military. Possibly because I’ve seen parts of the world I never thought I would have seen. I have a new perspective on life. Although I’m not quite sure how to explain it.

My family says I’m a lot thinner.  I checked my weight. I weigh 170 lbs just about the same weight I was when I was most of my adult life.  Before I left it was the winter holidays so probably gained weight from that.

How have I changed? Did I change? It’s hard to define.

One. My Jiu Jitsu has evolved. I still get tapped, of course.  I don’t think I roll with as much ego as I once did. I just like to have fun and try some stuff I’m working on. I’m more goal oriented now. My Jiu Jitsu is influenced by my travels and the camps I attended this summer. There’s no way to plateau now.  To progress in Jiu Jitsu, you just have to keep going and always be curious. Whether it be camps, privates, cross training. open mats. The community is so big and welcoming that there will never be an end to it.

Two. How do I view the world? The world is big.  Depending on where we live and grow up, we only see this it through our own viewfinder. I’m not saying my viewfinder is better than most. I just can spot things that I couldn’t spot before. I think that is what travel can do for you.

Three. What now? I have a lot of debt from traveling. I saved and paid for a lot of it, but I also need to work it off. To do so I need a job.  I’m really picky when it comes to work.  What I found out in my 32 years on this earth.  I may not know what I want to do in life, but I crossed out the shit I don’t want to do. I don’t want to be in the Navy anymore, I don’t want to work in healthcare, etc.  I’m basically pursuing jobs I think are cool and if I don’t like it I will just do something else.

no edits just a late night first draft.


Author: Mark

I grew up in Hayward, Ca. I am avid traveler, artist, writer/blogger, reader, grappler and language enthusiast.

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