I work outside drawing as a caricaturist at the local aquarium here in Houston. It is hot and humid. The worst I’ve ever felt. Mind you I lived in the California desert before, 29 Palms. I don’t mind dry heat. I think humidity is the worst. I really wanted to travel this summer. My knee recovery and lack of funds prevented me from traveling. What I enjoy most about my life is the freedom of choice! I can stay up all night, eat ice cream for dinner, or play video games. When I don’t have a wife or kids. I can do whatever I want. It feels great. One of my favorite things to do is to plan potential travel adventures.

Alaska next summer is on my potential destination list. This isn’t some Into the Wild pipe dream. I want to work in Alaska, not go into the Alaskan bush. I also would like to use this welding skill I gained last year. I watched this video, Timothy Ward, on seasonal jobs in Alaska. He pretty much sold me on the idea. I will do more research. He worked as a hotel care taker. I’ve volunteered around the world in exchange for room and board. I feel this would be a good experience as well as a story.

Timothy Ward mentioned this website, it is a site where you can find jobs all over the country for different seasons. Looking at all the options was a little overwhelming.  It was a good place to start. I’m familiar with websites like this because I have used for volunteering when I traveled abroad. Volunteering is cool but I like to get paid. I am not in the military anymore and need some sort of income.

Potential plan next summer. 1. Find a welding construction job next summer in Alaska. 2. Worst case scenario. I just find a normal seasonal job next summer.

My research consists of watching a lot of youtube videos on the subject and reading a couple blog posts.

If you have any stories of working Alaska or aboard please share in the comments. Any tips or advice would appreciated.

Next Post: Being a caricaturist.

Author: Mark

I grew up in Hayward, Ca. I am avid traveler, artist, writer/blogger, reader, grappler and language enthusiast.

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